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 Sulfiton Thick Coating

  Sulfiton is a plastic emulsion thick coating on polymer modified bitumen based on top quality, crack bridging, one component that is trowel applied as a paste in single operation, directly on the horizontal / vertical surfaces to be treated. Once the Sulfiton Thick Coating has dried and cured, (dependent on ambient moisture and temperature levels). Concrete screed or tiles and back filling for vertical protection shall be done. Sulfiton thick coating is resistant to algae and microorganisms as well as salts.
  The subsurface must be clean and solid, free of oils, fats and release agents. Damp surfaces are admissible, wet surfaces are not permissible. The subsurface must be solidly filled and leveled. Projecting seams and the remains of mortar should be removed. Corners and edges specially floors and cantilevered slabs should be removed. Use Sulfiton directly from container without stirring.

Tools: Float, Trowel, Tongued Trowel. Drying: depends on relative humidity, wind and temperature, as well as absorption capacity of the subsurface. Cover at the earliest 3 days.


  Civil Engineering ground works.
Roof decks / Balconies.
Toilets and Bathrooms
External Tanking.
Damp Proof Membrane.
Sewage Treatment Plant.
Waterproofing for cross joints on prefab concrete.
 Technical Data  
  Specific Gravity Approx. 0.60
  Crack bridging qualities up to 5 mm
  Water impermeability up to 70 mm
  Water vapor permeability Approx. 0.53g
  Chemical Resistance Excellent
  Root penetration Resistance Excellent
  Algae resistance Excellent

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